#ELOSOFUMARTAKES - 153rd Take with guest Rafael Nodal of Tabacalera USA and Boutique Blends

January 18, 2021
This week, #ELOsoFumarTakes welcomes Rafael Nodal of Boutique Blends and Tabacalera USA, to sit down for our #153rdTake. With Cigar Aficionado picking their 2020 Number 1 Cigar of the Year this week, the torch will officially pass from Rafael Nodal back to a previous winner Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. We explore Rafael's work with the most iconic names in the industry.  Yes, we're talking brands like Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta, but also cigar makers as well.  Jochi Blanco, Nick Perdomo and AJ Fernandez.  We tackle this and more!
And for this occasion Rafael and I are raising money and awareness for Mental Health Foundation.
Please consider donating here: https://mentalhealthfoundation.org/donate/
Trinidad Espiritu Launched at 2019 Trade Show: https://cigar-coop.com/2019/08/ipcpr-2019-spotlight-altadis-u-s-a.html

To the #ELOsoFumarTakes community, I have decided to take part in a survey that is aimed at capturing the influence of our podcast, in addition to other Cigar Industry media. I ask you, humbly, to take a few minutes and take part in this survey. Two major points:

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It would honor me to hear and see your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

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This is going to be one awesome #Take! Enjoy!
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